ADI Registration – important information

The Cycle Savvy Driving website provides access to cycle awareness practical training and online learning resources. These are initially available on a trial basis until the end of Match 2022.

To help us understand your interest in and experience of the course, as well as any longer-term impacts on attitudes and behaviour, we would like you to take part in some short surveys about how you think the learning course might help you to teach those who are learning to drive.

Participation in the surveys is voluntary. Survey findings will help us to understand what approved driving instructors think about the training course, and will also help us to make improvements to it.

Upon registration for the trial, you will be randomly assigned to one of two groups:

  • Train now: ADIs with immediate access to the resources, including the 2 hour online training, and the 3.5 hour on-road practical training course. The practical elements of the training will involve riding a cycle in traffic. Practical training courses will be delivered in England only. The surveys will be staged so that you complete the first survey now as part of the registration process, and the second survey immediately after you have completed the online and/or practical training courses. The third survey will be emailed to you around two months after you have completed the course.  Please also share the website link and your chosen username with your learner drivers, which will allow them to access the online course. 
  • Train later: ADIs with access to the online training as soon as the pilot ends in March 2022. You will be asked to complete a follow up survey three months after registering. The first survey should be completed now, as part of the registration process.  We will send you the second survey in three months’ time, following your registration. The surveys should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

You will be notified whether you are able to access the training now or in March immediately by email. This approach is fair and necessary for assessing the effectiveness of the trial materials before they are rolled out nationally.

Please be assured that all responses are confidential, and findings will be reported anonymously to the Department for Transport. You can access the survey Privacy Notice, which explains the purposes for processing your data, your rights and the lawful basis under which it is collected here: Privacy Notice.

The terms and conditions of participation may be found here.

Please register and complete the first survey below:


Please review the errors below and complete any missing fields where required.

  Strongly agree Tend to agree Neither agree nor disagree Tend to disagree Strongly disagree Don't know
Most cycle riders adhere to the rules of the road
I understand why cycle riders may behave differently to motorists on public roads
Learner drivers need to take extra care when overtaking cycle riders
Cycle riders are unpredictable
There are too many cycle riders
It should be compulsory for all cycle riders to pass a cycling proficiency test before being allowed to use public roads
Cycle riders are a nuisance to other road users
Motorists should take more responsibility than cycle riders to ensure both parties are safe when using public roads
When incidents happen between motorists and cycle riders, it is usually the fault of the cycle rider
When incidents happen between motorists and cycle riders, it is usually the fault of the motorist
New drivers are more likely than experienced drivers to be a danger to cycle riders
Motorists should always have right of way over cycle riders when using public roads
It should be compulsory for learner drivers to undertake a cycling awareness course before they can take their driving test
Please enter the first part of your postcode. For example, if your postcode is NR3 1TD, please enter NR3. We are asking for this information because we would like to ensure we have achieved a broad geographical spread of responses to the survey.

We would now like to ask you a few questions about yourself. Your responses to these questions are confidential and individual responses will not be shared with the Department for Transport. An aggregated analysis of all responses to these questions will help us understand if there are any differences in the views of participants from different backgrounds.

To which ethnic group do you consider yourself to belong?
Asian or Asian British
Black/Black British
Other ethnic groups
You may be asked to share this username with any learner drivers you invite to the pilot. More details will be sent via email.

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