ADI Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By registering to take part in the cycle awareness pilot I agree to the following terms and conditions:

Upon registration

I understand that I must complete the online baseline survey for pilot evaluation purposes to complete my registration.

I agree to be randomly assigned to a pilot participation group. I will be assigned with either immediate or delayed access (Once the evaluation is complete in Autumn 2021) to the online learning resources and practical cycle training, for pilot evaluation purposes.

I understand that if assigned with immediate access, I can choose to complete the online course or the practical course or both. Once 400 practical training places have been delivered, the availability of this option will cease.

I understand that if assigned with immediate access, I may share access to the online learning resources with the learner drivers I am currently teaching, by supplying them with my chosen username. I will not share the resources any further with anyone else.

I consent for the data that I have provided to be held by The Bikeability Trust and Ipsos Mori for the duration of the pilot. Once I have completed three surveys, (baseline, intervention, and post intervention), data will be anonymised for evaluation purposes.

When accessing practical cycle training

I will bring proof of my welcome email, Photo ID and proof of my ADI number to the practical cycle training course.

I understand the practical cycle training course involves riding a cycle and low levels of physical activity. If I am unable to ride a cycle for any reason, I will make this known to my training provider in advance of the course.

I give consent to have my photo taken by the training course provider for promoting the pilot.

I agree to complete an online feedback form before leaving the practical training course that I attend.


I agree to receive notifications requesting completion of an online feedback form within either two or three months of registration and after I have completed the practical or online training, for pilot evaluation purposes.


I understand that this is a pilot project, and the practical and online training materials are not to be discussed or shared with other ADIs until November 2021.


I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of this pilot project.

I understand I can withdraw my consent to participate in the pilot by emailing the Bikeability Trust



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